People generally call it blogs but I’ll stick to essays.

Essay or in other words, an attempt or a try. All my essays stem from my mindful approach to everyday life details. I notice what may be deemed as petty or often go unnoticed, note them down, and sit down to write when I’m in my zone.

The essays as such aren’t prescriptive in nature, but rather, my own self-reflections about different facets to life at that present moment while writing them.

You can find all my essays here.

Most Read Essays

A Son’s Letter to his Father: Dear Baba, I’ve Failed!

25 Lessons from 25 Years

To the Lost Souls

Goodbye My Almost Lover

What I Learnt From Trying My Mother’s Sari

How Are You So Positive?

Finding My Own Path

Nothing but Gratitude

The Only Real Wish for 2017

Confessions of a ‘Topper’

All Essays

I’m Only Human

But I Never Checked

One Thing I’d Like To Do Well In 2023

Grey Hair

The Golden Trifecta

What Burdens Are You Willing To Take Up?

Some Questions I Rely On For Life-Enriching Conversations

What I’d Say To My 18 Year-Old Self (Although He Probably Wouldn’t Listen)

A Few Things That Have Helped

Notes from a Lockdown

Who Will You Disappoint This Year?

One Question I’ve Been Asking Myself Lately

Anti-Role Models

A Crucial Distinction

Don’t Assume. Ask!

Mindfully Getting Past An Awkward ‘IceBreaker’

Letters to My Mother: On Pursuing A Meaningful Career

On Motivation

I Practice Mindfulness Because I Care

Reflecting About Reflection

What If You Belong To The 10%?

Readjusting My Confidence

Using Inversion for Self-Knowledge

To My Friend Who Has Resorted To Self-Loathing


What I Learnt From Trying My Mother’s Sari

But I’m Not Naturally Empathetic!

Happily Letting Past

No Luggages? Seriously!?

‘The Presentation Game’

Thirty A Little Early?

Regular Reminders

Thinking Like A Pro, Communicating Like A Layman

Semi-Closet Writing?

Good Decision Maker? Who Me?

Debt: Not Just About Money

“What Do You Miss?”

Why I Openly Share My Values

You Don’t Know! How Can You Mentor?


Room 505

What Minimalism Is Not

If Only!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

101 Simple Pleasures

Where Would You Like To Be In 10 Years?

Please Don’t Call Me ‘Sir’

The Frugal Nepali

To Care and Not to Cure

How to Appreciate What We Already Have

Heal or Kill?

How are You So Positive?

What Arises, Shall Pass Too!

Shifting Perspectives about Problems

How to Master the Art of Mindlessness

A Better Question to Start a Conversation

A Frugal Approach to Combat Impulses

A Different Kind of Travel

Battling Through the Challenges of Living Mindfully

Saying Yes Only To Pursuits That Matter

Making Everyday Intensional

Whatever You Decide, Remember This

Letting Go of Control

But What Do You Get Out of It?

The Only Real Wish for 2017

2016: A Year of Simplifying

Goodbye My Almost Lover

Unraveling the Point of Reference

Digging Beneath Fancy Titles and Possessions

So Long, Passenger!

25 Lessons from 25 Years

For Everyone Who Has Ever Tried

Finding Goodness in Inexplicability

Finding My Own Path

For All Things Ephemeral

A Son’s Letter to his Father: Dear Baba, I’ve Failed!

Nothing but Gratitude!

Oh to be an Educator!

Not Just Another Resolution!

Beginner’s Guide to Making Initial Contact

Get Out!

To the Lost Souls

In the Quest of Making a Difference

Is it Time for Ace Institute of Management to Move On?

Unresponsive Culture: Kick it out!

Making Global Exposure a Reality for Nepali Undergrads

GM vs Finance: Your guide to making a rational choice

My Learning as an Undergraduate

Confessions of a ‘Topper’

Internship: A Problem of Choice!

Cricket and the Gentlemen: Great Teachers!

Make Your Mark!

How an Acer Aces!

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