Semi-Closet Writing?

I’ve met a few people recently who say they write, but don’t want to make their writings public. They wish to remain closet writers.

They must have their own reasons. But when one of them recently asked me if I had anything to suggest them, I put forth this perspective: What if you put it out on the web but don’t actually share it anywhere? That way, your writings will be ‘out there’ without you being forthright in diverting traffic into your blog or website.

Why did I suggest that? In my 3 and half years of writing, I’ve come to realize the enormous power words can have. You never know whom you are influencing. Even if your intention isn’t to divert traffic into your blogs and have people position you as a writer/blogger, how gratifying would it be even if just one person stumbles upon your creations and finds value in them!

Time to become a semi-closet writer then, perhaps?


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