Where Would You Like To Be in 10 Years?

When asked where I’d like to be in 10 years,

My regretful-self laments, “I’m past what I could have been.”

My anxious-self proclaims, “I may not be who I still wish to be.”

My present-self asserts, “I’m happy with who I’m becoming.”

People often associate planning with ambition: lofty 5-10-15 year plans for world domination. In that sense, I may be the least ambitious person in the world. I have no plans for this year, let alone for the next 10 years. If my 25 years on earth is anything to go by, life doesn’t really work out the way we plan. In fact, majority of events unfold in the least expected manner. You plan to become a scientist; you end up becoming a teacher. Do you remember what you had planned for yourself 10 years back? Are you who you wanted to be? Chances are, there has been a discrepancy. You may be leading your life in a completely different trajectory, and may even be at a much better place than you’d ever imagined.

With my interest deeply rooted in intentional living, I’m someone who works with intentions rather than goals. On a personal front, my intention is to become a much better version of myself. The past two years of intentional living has taught me that it should be enough to take me to a better place in 10 years’ time. Professionally, continuing to help people express themselves would be wonderful. But guess what? Maybe I will be doing something else- something much better than what I can foresee right now. Who knows? Life has a power to surprise. You may say that I won’t possibly end up at a good place if I continue ahead without a 10-year action plan to guide me. I beg to differ; for I know I have the power to change the script of my life whenever I feel the need for a plot twist. And my intentions will forever be my guiding star if and when I decide to do the same.

You never know what the next hour may bring. 10 years is a long span of time. Precisely, it is 3650 days, 87600 hours, 5256000 minutes, 315360000 seconds.

I can’t even plan for a day.

Life, come surprise me.

You always have.

You always will.

I’m ready!

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  1. May you be bestowed with wonderful surprises. 🙂


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