How an Acer Aces!

Originally published on 16th February, 2014.

With the new session knocking on our doors, all Acers must be excited (to meet their pals), unhappy (to have to wake up early in this cold weather) or even sad (like me) because it’s our final year here. No matter what, excitement is definitely there when it comes to attending the first classes in a new semester. Wouldn’t it be great to channel all this excitement into positive ways with which we can really ACE at Ace Institute of Management?

Regardless of which semester we may be in, we could always do with some help in undergrad level. Whether it be socializing or acing a test, smart moves always come in handy to get the best out of us in college.

Here are a few ways that has definitely helped me and I’m hoping will help you ‘ace’ your 4 (or may be 4.5, it really depends on PU) years at Ace Institute of Management:

  1.      Socialize.

This is by far the most important thing to do in college. From friends to faculty members to helpers, try to get to know more people. The best thing about Ace is there’s no dirty politics between the students. You can be friends with seniors, juniors or even the teachers- true story! The more you socialize, the more you’ll be aware of opportunities that come your way. I get closer to Subhekchya once we competed in the CIMA GBC 2013. Imagine if I had never talked to her before. She would have never come to me in the first place and we would have never been to South Africa (at least I wouldn’t!).

  1.    Your teacher is not your enemy.

That subject teacher with the most annoying accent and worst sense of making classes fun may be provoking you to bunk classes, but don’t. They are just there to do their job. Instead, try to mingle with them, have a talk over a cup of tea at Keshab Dai’s. Talk about your ideas, your problems and your interests. Your teacher is your best shot of landing a job in the short term. Trust me, for I’m partnering with Mr. Prashanta Manandhar( Marketing lecturer in the 5th semester) right now at the Storytellers.

  1.    Bullets kill!

You’ll be asked to make loads and loads of presentations throughout your undergrad level. If one bullet can kill a life, imagine how many you’ll be killing with those boring slides filled with bullets. Go beyond class conventions- use animations or you can even explore software like Prezi to get the audience (your class) hooked!

  1.    Summer project can actually be fun and helpful.

Have you ever thought why you’re at Ace? No prices for guessing- to be involved in a business in the future. Then why not be smart enough to do a research on a topic you’ve always had interest in? If you’re really into it, chances are you could be finding the next big thing and into the market before you know it!

  1.    DON’T intern at a bank.

So you’re into your 6th semester now and chances are (well I’d say 90%)  that you’ll get into a bank to do your internship because of various reasons like friends doing the same, you’re too bored to look elsewhere, internship reports on the same bank are lying on the library racks, etc. Unless you absolutely LOVE the banking sector and see yourself in it for the rest of your life,  do something productive and interesting in your mandatory internship period; intern at a small organization or even a start-up that allows you ample of opportunities to actually learn by doing things; places where its ok to make a mistake. Remember, you won’t get a job immediately in a bank but hey, start-ups could probably end up hiring you even if you aren’t a graduate yet. As for me, at Biruwa Ventures I met a lot of interesting people, enjoyed my work and partied a lot! They call me over even today- which you most definitely won’t get to do in a bank once you’re done.

  1.   Find a mentor.

You don’t have to advertise or pay to have someone to guide you through college. You’re seniors or even you’re class mates who may be more experienced than you can show you the path to get the most out of your college time.

  1.   Engage.

Like socializing, this is one of the most important ways you can ace at Ace. Whether it is volunteering in annual events or peer tutoring, keep yourself busy. There’s no point going back home at 1 and sleeping all day. If you can manage time, find some work and learn some real life skills which your slides won’t teach you.

  1.   Stay positive.

You can learn all the tricks but if you’re all negative and skeptic inside, it’ll bring you down. Management pressing for 80% attendance, teachers piling misery on you to do you assignments over weekends is all nothing but to help you prepare for the tough job market ahead. Like Bill Gates once said, “If you think you’re teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss”.

Ace Institute of Management is one of the most amazing places to be at where you can meet a lot of interesting people and gain brighter perspectives in life. When you’re positive, a lot of good things happen. When you surround yourself with amazing people, that’s where amazing things happen as I have found out; firstly with the Presenters’ Club, then the CIMA GBC 2013 and now with the Storytellers.

Good luck!

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