Whatever You Decide, Remember This

Last Saturday, I went out to catch up with an old friend who is in town from the UK for 15 odd days. You know how its usually like when you meet and greet after a long time- you start talking about life and get asked an inevitable question: ‘What’s happening?’

Now, when you’re someone who is into the art of living slowly but fully, it can get pretty tricky to provide a captivating response; especially to someone who has just passionately proclaimed how he is well en-route to retiring at 30. When majority of the world expects you to answer that daunting question with startling milestones like how many promotions you’ve had over the certain years you haven’t talked, or what’s the latest car you are driving, or what’s the NEXT BIG THING that’s lined up for you (because surely what you are doing can’t be the end of it!) the situation can get pretty nerve-wrecking.

As I came back home that day from that encounter at the pub (a place I almost never go, but well once in 4 years isn’t bad), it got me reflecting- what takes more courage?

Asking for a promotion at work where you tell your boss that you are ready and willing to take on board more responsibilities (as if what’s on your plate right now wasn’t enough) in anticipation of how you’ll ‘kill it’ this year?

Or, declining a promotion because you can already sense how despite the initial fleeting pleasure of a pay raise and a celebrity status at work, it’ll take a dent on a balanced life you’ve so desperately been craving but haven’t managed?

Considering the impending impact both decisions have (elevated stress levels vs perceived mediocrity from choosing to slow down), maybe, choosing whatever rings true to you and sticking to it through thick and thin requires the greatest courage of all.

So my dear reader, no matter what you choose to be or do, you will always be a warrior for me- and this I promise you.

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  1. This is what I needed to read based on my current situation. Nicely contextualized and totally relateable. 🙂


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