Column: Career Growth

An archive of more than 50 of my write-ups as a columnist for the Himalayan Times Perspectives for young starters to read, think, and deliver.

19th August 2018: Understanding Values In A Person

5th August 2018: Developing Emotional Competence

22nd July 2018: Time to Reflect

8th July 2018: Art of Mindful Listening

24th June 2018: Simple Ways to Uplift Well-Being at Work

10th June 2018: Cultivating Mindfulness at Work

27th May 2018: Rejection Therapy for Self-Confidence

13th May 2018: Journaling for Self-Awareness

29th April 2018: Improving One-On-One Conversations

15th April 2018: Improving Emotional Self-Awareness

1st April 2018: Learning Self-Reflection

18th March 2018: Developing Emotional Agility

4th March 2018: Dealing with Feedback

18th February 2018: Incorporating Being Mode at Work

28th January 2018: Simplifying Your Work Life

14th January 2018: Know Your Blind Spots

31st December 2017: Annual Review

17th December 2017: Empathy for Communication and Collaboration

3rd December 2017: When Caught in Emotional Hijacking

19th November 2017: Self-Awareness For Fulfilling Work

5th November 2017: Purpose In Action

15th October 2017: Creating Value for Others

24th September 2017: Search for Meaning

10th September 2017: Dissect: I, Why, How

27th August 2017: Developing Emotional Skills

13th August 2017: Ask, Don’t Assume

30th July 2017: Practicing Deliberately

16th July 2017: To Be Rare and Valuable

2nd July 2017: Becoming Better Conversationalists

18th June 2017: Approach-Avoid Conflict

4th June 2017: Confidence Isn’t Arrogance

21st May 2017: The Art of Improvising

7th May 2017: Doing versus Being Mode

23rd April 2017: Job Investment Trap

9th April 2017: Creating Healthy Boundaries at Work

26th March 2017: Bringing Beginner’s Mind to the Workplace

12th March 2017: The Art of Giving Constructive Feedback

26th February 2017: Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Workplace

12th February 2017: A Better Approach to Communicate

15th January 2017: Focus on What You Can Control

1st January 2017: Ego is the Enemy

18th December 2016: Happiness in the Workplace

4th December 2016: The Art of Saying No

20th November 2016: Considerations Before Taking Up a Job

6th November 2016: What Makes You Tick?

23rd October 2016: Personal Growth

2nd October 2016: 5 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skill

18th September 2016: 7 Ways to Get Started on LinkedIn

4th September 2016: Connecting People with Impact

21st August 2016: Writing Better Emails for Effective Communication

6th August 2016: Mindfulness at Work

24th July 2016: Achieving Strategies

10th July 2016: Do You Mean What You Say?

26th June 2016: Start with Why

12th June 2016: Learning from Experience

29th May 2016: Time Management Issues

16th May 2016: Attitude is Important

1st May 2016: The Art of Following Up

17th April 2016: Start Fast, Fail Early

3rd April 2016: But Why? What? How?

20th March 2016: Commitment Issues

6th March 2016: Make the First Move

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