If Only!

My dear reader,

Has it ever dawned on you that whilst you may so harshly have been comparing yourself with your friends, colleagues, and/or acquaintances thinking how they have it ‘all figured out’ and wishing you could swap places with them, maybe not all is that great with their present life scenario?

That there maybe more to the story than what is obvious on the surface?

I just want to gently remind you of a few alternative stories that the meaning making machine in your head may have overlooked as you feel lost, lonely, and miserable at how life has been recently.

Maybe, the guy who is the heir to his family business is sick and tired of the pressures that come along with it.

It could be, that the girl you deem so flawless loses sleep from the fear of losing her beauty over time.

Chances are, the person whose productivity you admire so much is spread too thin and wishes he could shut down completely.

It could well be that the person behind the Instagram picture you just liked thinking how ‘happening’ her life is, is tired of seeking validation of her self-worthiness.

Maybe, your friend from school who is now well-settled in America with a high paying job and permanent residency secretly wishes she could do more in giving back to her home country. 

Could it be that the writer whose creative life you so deeply revere wishes she could shift to a 9-5 because keeping up with both the monetary pressures and the creative demands that come from being a freelancer is taking its toll on her?

The person you wish to emulate has everything but time.

Chances are, the local celebrity you envy is tired of playing keep up- from having to keep posting pictures on Instagram every now and again just because of the fear of being forgotten.

Perhaps a couple, who for you exemplify relationship goals, can’t break up just from the fear of having to start all over again.

Just like you can’t afford to splurge on materialistic possessions, the one with the fanciest things can’t seem to get out of debt. 

Maybe, the single guy who you deem to be enjoying all the freedom in the world secretly wishes he had somebody to talk to about his anxieties at 3am in the morning.

My dear reader, if only we could understand how all of us suffer in our own unique ways- what a beautiful, content, less anxious, and empathetic world we would live in!

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