Happily Letting Past

I used to be an anxious rider on the streets. Any vehicle that was right behind me honking would entice a feeling of competitiveness and the need for me to ride faster.

The day before, I happily let past a noisy vehicle. I felt it was unnecessary to live with that old feeling of competitiveness and the subsequent stress when all I wanted was to reach my destination safely, at my own speed.

This shift made me realize something important- that we can always pick our battles. If it is a game that doesn’t interest you or you feel you have no chance of winning (my old scooter doesn’t compare to a shiny new 200CC bike) you don’t need to play it.

For the minimalist in me, this relates directly to the mainstream materialistic culture our society grips itself in. One can eschew conventions if they serve no value to one’s life.

You choose the game you want to play and how you want to play it, if you ever decide on it. This probably is the best way to live with less anxiety and more contentment.

Off you go then- move forward but at your own pace at the game you choose to play.

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  1. I’ll definitely choose wisely. 🙂


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