Starting the 3rd of December 2017, I’ve been attempting to sum up my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from each day in the form of tercets- three line poems. Given my minimalist nature, I’ve restricted myself to a 5-7-5 word limit. The idea behind the writings is that looking back, I’ll have 365 different poems with which to gauge my growth over the course of a year.

— Just Say No — 18.12.17
Don’t worry about saying no
Worry about saying yes without meaning it
How long before they know?

— Questions Questions Questions — 17.12.17

You go back with questions
That too not for the first time 
Life is about better questions

— Why Fulfilling Work? — 16.12.17

Why fulfilling work you ask
Look no further than the traffic personnel
Who chose indifference over impact

–Go For It — 15.12.17

Keeping your humility in tact
Go all out and express my boy
It is strength not weakness

— Never Say Never — 14.12.17

Been so easy all this
Never did I think would be possible
They say: never say never

–Should I Compromise On My Values?– 13.12.17

Why compromise on my values
When those very fundamentals brought us together
I say nothing else matters

— The Lightness of The Now– 12.12.17

Carrying no baggages with me
Letting go of both past and future
The lightness of the now 

–Keep Grinding– 11.12.17

Grinding each day every day
You get closer to the mountain top
It’s about being not having

— Choices — 10.12.17

Somedays you question your choices
Despondent from the inevitable dualities of life
Grateful she’s by my side

— On No Action — 9.12.17

I chose not to see
Or was it to not be seen?
Politeness over honesty: describes me

–The Silent Self– 8.12.17

No matter where we are
The silence within me tells who I’m
Grateful you choose to understand

–On Anticipating Positive Change– 7.12.17

I exercised my voting right
With the realization that change begins essentially
With alterations within me first

–On The Lack of Immunity– 6.12.17

I’m not immune to indignation
Despite acknowledging I’ve come a long way
Self-improvement is here to stay

–On Feeling Insignificant at Work– 5.12.17

Self-reminder: Try caring not curing
People who may look up to you
Stoics look within, not outside

–On The Value of Colleagues– 4.12.17

Working not just for materialism
Colleagues matter more than you’ll ever know
Before money, status, impact, creativity.

–On Minimalism– 3.12.17

Minimalism does not mean deprivation
It simply means becoming deliberate in life
About what matters, what doesn’t


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