So Long, Passenger!

This essay is a response to an open letter written to me.

Dearest believer,

Time flies, doesn’t it? It feels like it was only yesterday when we introduced ourselves hoping we’d be accepted for who we were then. Now it’s already time to say goodbye.

In the period of getting to know each other better, I’ve had the chance to delve deeper into your kind and compassionate soul; a chance to know you for who you are. And my goodness, you are special!

I say it especially because you believed in me when I was finding it hard to believe in myself. It’s people like you who give people like me an opportunity to see the good within. Although my intensions were always good, I wasn’t quite sure about the consequences. A beautiful lady had once told me that we are responsible only for our intensions, and never the consequences. And she is absolutely right. However, you offered me a rare opportunity to realize what a beautiful feeling it is when the consequences of our intensions turn out to be just the way we’d hoped.


Photo Courtesy: Roshan Shrestha

Having seen you grow over these weeks has been an immense privilege. Though our hearts want us to settle in each other’s comforting presence and not drift away, the cold reality is that we must. As a boatman whose job was to help you safely cross a beautiful yet deadly river, I feel that my job is now done; although I owe it very much to you for making it more than just a regular journey. There are others waiting to come to this beautiful place you’ve now arrived. And although you don’t wish to leave the comfort of my presence that you have so loudly revered, I feel it will only deter you from experiencing even more beautiful things that await you. A vast world out there is waiting for you to grace it with your presence and while your kind soul may feel a sense of unease to be leaving me behind, please understand that it’s my job to go back to fetch the waiting passengers; not yours.

“For I came as an empty slate, you stood there with million thoughts to offer.

 Beyond my imagination, I owe you a lot, my gaffer.

 Another day, another soul has made your way.

 So, I must leave this place for it to stay.

 Thy giving and the taking must go on.”

Prajwol Wagle: A Warm Goodbye to the Mentorship


Photo Courtesy: Arushi Thapa

My friend, as much as you’d like to believe that I can still save you, the harsh truth is that no one can; no one may. You yourself must walk the path.

As you now prepare to leave with a million thoughts in your mind, just know that your best will always be in my heart. I wish for you to bloom into a more kind and compassionate soul that spreads love like violence. No matter where you are, I wish for you to practice the four agreements ruthlessly. I wish for you to be impeccable with your words, to never take anything personally, to never make assumptions, and to always give your best. Let the course of nature take care of the rest.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Lao Tzu

My dearest believer,

May you be safe

May you be healthy

May you be happy

May you live with ease.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughs. You are inspiration for us. You taughts us many things which are important for us. Thanks for being our mentor. Although, you are our teacher but you always treat us as sisters. I wish you have better journey ahead.


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