Room 505

Room 505 has been nothing short of magic for me. Over a year of giving, receiving, and adding value has made me a little less foolish and a whole lot empathetic.

Mentorship is a place we like to call home

Envisioned with the prospect of helping you with what you may one day become

Nothing else matters so let go of your inhibitions

Truth is, just like you, everyone else too has their own share of struggles

Opportunities to explore and express will come a plenty

Relish each chance as if they were by nature pretty scanty

Seeking for better questions is what we strive for

Here willingness to improve matters more than your ability at the core

Initiated to help you take a plunge into finding who you are

Passion burning within our hearts to help you go further and raise the bar

Only fitting with it’s description as a place to explore and express, I guess I wouldn’t have heard of acrostic poems-let alone try crafting one if it wasn’t for this beautiful initiative!

Oh to be an Educator!

So Long, Passenger!

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