101 Simple Pleasures

  1. Writing this essay.
  2. Reading a good book.
  3. Racing to finish the good book so as to get started on another good book that’s waiting for you.
  4. A nice walk.
  5. The feeling that an early morning sunshine gives.
  6. Walking barefoot on green grass covered with dew.
  7. Smiling at a stranger.
  8. Being smiled back by the stranger.
  9. Holding hands.
  10. That feeling of hesitancy plus excitement before you lock lips for the first time.
  11. Kissing the one you love.
  12. Stopping by to smell the flowers.
  13. Performing a random act of kindness.
  14. Receiving a random act of kindness.
  15. A warm hug.
  16. A nice cup of tea/coffee.
  17. Relieving oneself.
  18. Watching the sunset.
  19. The freshness you feel after brushing your teeth.
  20. A hot shower.
  21. A romantic kiss in the rain.
  22. Waking up all energized and realizing you beat the alarm.
  23. Dancing in the rain.
  24. Playing with a pet.
  25. Switching to the cold side of the pillow.
  26. When it rains just as you are about to lay in bed.
  27. Paying someone a genuine compliment.
  28. Receiving a genuine compliment.
  29. Strumming the guitar.
  30. Listening to your favorite song on the radio.
  31. Realizing you’ve finally moved on.
  32. Sharpening a pencil.
  33. Giving without expecting anything in return.
  34. Asking for forgiveness.
  35. Dreaming without any sense of limitation.
  36. When you show someone a new possibility they never realized existed.
  37. Sensual pleasure.
  38. Forgiving someone who wronged you.
  39. Writing with your non-dominant hand.
  40. Practicing mindfulness meditation.
  41. Laughing at yourself.
  42. Saying ‘Thank You’.
  43. When you get a ‘You’re Welcome!’ with a big smile.
  44. Taking a nice picture.
  45. Being photographed by a friend with a DSLR camera.
  46. When someone you just recently met remembers your name.
  47. Being told you matter.
  48. Telling someone they matter.
  49. Humming songs.
  50. Spending time with family.
  51. Eating slowly.
  52. Breathing deeply.
  53. Devouring on a good meal.
  54. Assisting someone’s goal.
  55. Getting to know someone better.
  56. Celebrating someone’s victory.
  57. Locking the door to dance inside your room.
  58. Playing a rapid fire q/a game.
  59. Dancing on a choreographed song with dear ones.
  60. Nailing a presentation.
  61. Dipping your feet in cold water after a long tiring summer’s day.
  62. Getting a good night message from your loved one.
  63. Waking up to a good morning message from your loved one.
  64. Feeling you get from realizing your handwriting has improved.
  65. Watching your team play- and play well!
  66. Knowing the following day is a holiday.
  67. Appreciating art.
  68. Being listened to.
  69. Acceptance of what is.
  70. A good night’s sleep.
  71. Reaching on time.
  72. Creating.
  73. Asking good questions.
  74. Letting go.
  75. Realizing there’s less traffic than usual.
  76. Knowing impermanence is pervasive.
  77. Catching up with a long lost friend.
  78. When someone tells you you’ve inspired them to follow their passion.
  79. Going to bed content at heart.
  80. Conversing with like-minded people.
  81. Being able to express to the best of our ability.
  82. Adding value.
  83. Realizing there’s more time to sleep.
  84. Quenching your thirst with a fresh bottle of water.
  85. Sliding into your PJ’s the moment you get home and not having to change it again until absolutely necessary.
  86. Sun-basking on a December afternoon.
  87. Being in the company of someone special who insists on saying ‘…but I love you’ as opposed ‘I love you but..’ no matter how tough life gets.
  88. Centering your attention in the midst of a frantic day draining you out.
  89. Knowing you brightened someone’s day.
  90. Getting past a vehicle that’s emitting heavy smoke.
  91. Watching your urge surf.
  92. Finding joy in trying out each simple pleasure mentioned on this list.
  93. Putting technology away to spend time in solitude.
  94. Being able to say no without guilt.
  95. Not having to ask permission for something you really wish to do.
  96. When a fellow commuter offers you the chance to make the first pass.
  97. Opening your shoes after a long day’s trek.
  98. Watching the mountains.
  99. Getting a lift on the way back home.
  100. Getting a back-rub from a loved one.
  101. Realizing this is an in-exhaustible list.

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