Good Decision Maker? Who Me?

Recently, a close friend suggested that I handle a tricky situation at work, claiming that I’m adept at decision making.

“Good decision maker? Who me?” I was astonished!

Contemplative as I’m, I thought long and hard about majority of my past decisions which till date, a part of me still doesn’t discern to have been the wisest.

That time when I gave up on someone who meant the world to me.

The time when I trusted someone with money that wasn’t even mine.

And the list goes on..

Given how well my friend knows me, why would she still insist on thinking that I have good decision making attributes?

I suck at decision making. But because I own all my decisions, it seems like I’m a good decision maker in hindsight.

This understanding of myself gave me enormous confidence. Imagine the freedom with which you will go about life, if there are no bad decisions to be made. Even if some don’t exactly come across as astute at that moment, they might as well turn out to be beautiful life lessons. Acceptance of what is a bygone can serve as mental strength for whatever hardships are yet to come.

The outcome of my decisions may not be under my control, but the way I perceive them will always be.

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