“When you travel lightly, you’re freer, less burdened, less tired. This applies to life, not just travel.” Leo Babauta

Hi! I’m Sagar Satyal and I:

am: A Minimalist

do: meaningful work on Emotional Intelligence 

don’t: Bother about what’s Non-Essential

love: Reading, Creating, and Simply Being

fear: Not being true to myself

value: Loving Kindness and Mindfulness

The Mindful Nepali is an initiative to help people learn more about themselves through the values of minimalism, simplicity, and intentional living.

The website’s domain is sponsored by my dearest friend Ajar Satyal and I was lucky enough to have my buddy Animesh Shrestha design the site’s logo for me. For sleek designs and a branding edge, check out his venture-A’max Studios!

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