Thinking Like A Pro, Communicating Like a Layman

I’ve always believed that in a presentation, content is the king, and that context is the queen. A powerful delivery keeps the romance alive.

But to my dismay, I felt I screwed up an important presentation to a group of 40 people recently. Although both the delivery and content were on point, I missed the plot when it came to the context. I let my passion I have for the content get the better of me, not realizing that majority in the crowd found it hard to grasp what I was so keen to impart on them.

It made me realize one important lesson I always knew, but perhaps needed learning:

It is easy to remember that because we’ve been working relentlessly on a specific domain we are so passionate about, there’s much to share.

But it is also easy to forget that talking like an expert (although not intended, yet still carried away by the excitement) will leave most people in the room feeling left out, with our words and apparent advices flying over their heads.

It helps to think like a pro, but to communicate like a layman.

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