What Minimalism Is Not

I’m used to getting smirks from people when I say I’m a minimalist. They’ll pick up on whatever I have and question if it is right for me to possess them if I truly was to be a minimalist.

Minimalism doesn’t mean deprivation. It is not about possessing less than say, 100 items. It is also not about being stingy about the money you have. It just means making room for what truly matters in life. If I possess a certain thing or care for a particular cause, it means it is important to me. If there’s something missing, chances are I probably don’t need it. I’ve happily let go.

The best things in life aren’t things.

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  1. I have heard some genuine criticisms of certain aspects of minimalism before, but to me comments like that imply that the other person is just afraid of personal growth. Kudos for keeping your head up high and doing what is best for you!


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