To My Friend Who Has Resorted To Self-Loathing

Dear friend, I know that times are tough and that you are hurt. That deep down, you feel life could have been different. That life could have been so much better if it weren’t for certain choices you made. I know you are brave enough to take responsibility but I also know you well enough to know that deep down, you also feel somewhere that not all choices were entirely yours.

I’m not a motivational speaker, nor do I ever want to be one. But as someone who deeply cares for you, my friend, I want you to take some moment to sit with yourself and hear me out.

Hear me out when I say that:

the world never owed us anything. We just thought it did. It is never too late to reframe the way we look at people, circumstances, or life in general.

people have had it more difficult than you. Hear more stories. That’s how you learn to take things into perspective, but more importantly, build empathy and compassion.

Your story isn’t small nor insignificant. It can change someone’s world view; the way they live, love, and work. Share more of it: but not like you are a victim.

Dear friend, take care of yourself. There are people who care for you and love you no matter what life situation you are in. They didn’t sign up to see you succeed first before they start loving you.

I may not always be around but you can always find a way back to this page and read it in my voice.

I love you.

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