What If You Belong To The 10%?

You go to an event and realize 90% of the people in the crowd are either already entrepreneurs or looking to be one. You realize that you belong to the rest of the 10%.

How does that make you feel?

If you’ve never been deliberate about what you’d like to do with your life, chances are, you will feel lost and start questioning why you aren’t interested in entrepreneurship just like everyone else.

But if you’d taken time out to reflect and had come to a conclusion that given the type of person that you are, entrepreneurship is not for you, then you probably wouldn’t be bothered. In fact, you would probably be proud to be belonging to the 10%.

We’ve been led to believe that entrepreneurship is more glamorous than doing a 9-5. That probably explains why so many youths I’ve come to know are adamant that they don’t ever want to ‘work under anyone’. So we all hop on the entrepreneurship bandwagon. But think about it: if entrepreneurship were a car, a job would then be a bike (in terms of prestige). Even if you have a car, chances are that others may have better cars. Although you may not own a car, you could still have a high-end bike. Cars may be high on prestige, but bikes are quicker to commute and easier to park and maintain.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t be enthralled by entrepreneurship. This post is a mere appeal to be deliberate about our choices and owning them completely, even if it means representing the minority.

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