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Until then:

Airing every Tuesdays from March 2016 to November 2017 at 7.30pm, 18 Minutes with Satyal and Silwal was a weekly podcast I ran with my friend Ashish Silwal, where we brought up perspectives from different walks of life.

As kids, Silwal and I wanted to be commentators; I had a penchant for observing cricket matches while he wished to commentate on the Rock vs Steve Austin fiesta. 10 years on, one fine day, we asked each other why we hadn’t pursued our dreams. The only way forward seemed obvious and hence, 18 Minutes with Satyal and Silwal was conceived as an idea- to bring forward our chiya guff (tea conversations) on air. Animesh Shrestha, a passionate graphic illustrator and our good friend, joined the team without hesitation (he says he loved the idea that we were about to create something new) and we worked on bringing perspectives, conversations, and stories for a year and half.