Daily Tercets

Starting the 3rd of December 2017, I’ve been attempting to sum up my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from each day in the form of tercets- three line poems. Given my minimalist nature, I’ve restricted myself to a 5-7-5 word limit. The idea behind the writings is that looking back, I’ll have 365 different poems with which to gauge my growth over the course of a year.

— Oh Grandmother, I Forgive You — 15.1.18

Oh grandmother, I forgive you
For the pain my mother has endured
Pity how elusive wisdom was

— Not Your Day — 14.1.18

Dont ruin what’s not yours
The day is theirs why inflict pain
Let go, but with grace

Half Way Through — 13.1.18

Half way through my life
Sausade and gratitude mesh to give rise
To self-awareness and compassion

— Reason for Your Toil — 12.1.18

I understand why you toil
Family counts on you to provide them
Win but nurture your soul

— So Much To Say-So Much To Feel — 11.1.18

There’s so much to say
I could stay with you all night
Won’t be enough I know

— We Are Stories We Tell — 10.1.18

So then, in the end
We are nothing but stories we tell
Some change chapters some stay

— Who Is Wealthy? — 9.1.18

“Who is wealthy?” I ask
One who has riches or soon will?
Neither: one who renounces it

— Knowledge or Wisdom? — 8.1.18

I see her regurgitate thoroughly
Text book on philosophy but I wonder
If she’s ever tried introspecting

— What is Success? — 7.1.18

“What is success?” you ask
To become wise and kind to all
Understanding the fragile human condition

— A Good Saturday — 6.1.18

What makes a good Saturday?
Only good people, conversations, and simple pleasures
The lean life I say!

— A Firm No — 5.1.18

Laughed at because she rejected
An offer high on money and status
“Slaves of materialism” she bemoans

— Make You Smile Again — 4.1.18

Thursday might have been existential
But long walk and night drive tonight
Hopefully made you smile again

— Hopes Dashed — 3.1.18

Anticipation I’ve learnt often quells
The happiness you would like to embrace
From people and of things

— I Run to You — 2.1.18

Cold winter evenings like today
Toy with me to bring existential dread
I run-run to you

— Give Myself to You — 1.1.18

I give myself to you
To guide me through all of life
Highs lows sunshine and blows

— Bitterness of Life — 31.12.17

The bitterness in my father
From the weariness of a failed day
How pitiful the human condition!

— The Power of a Hug — 30.12.17

The power of a hug
Dissolves all tensions that arise from formalities
Spread love not forceful respect

— Just a Coping Mechanism — 29.12.17

My mother does her prayers
I wait patiently for my football games
Everyone has their coping mechanisms

— Wear and Tear — 28.12.17

Wear and tear is pervasive
In material stuff, but also your body
Like replacement, enrich your soul

— Love Keeps Us Going — 27.12.17

Why endure all this pain?
To love and be loved, my boy
Love will keep us going

— Unchanged Stance — 26.12.17

My verdict remains the same
I don’t wish to rear a child
Inflicting upon her existential misery

— Reasons to Stay Alive — 25.12.17

I’m finding reasons to live
People to love and who love you
Joy is in simple pleasures

— Gout Episodes — 24.12.17

Another day my health worsens
Thinking how I’d feel much better when
You’re back-back for good

— The Fragile Body — 23.12.17

I don’t seek to control
My fragile body that’s aging each day
I control only my mind

— How to Sell — 22.12.17

But how do you sell?
Make sure that you’d buy it first
If the roles were reversed

— As You Leave — 21.12.17

Departure isn’t necessarily permanent, for
You are central to my contemplative evenings
And for each redemptive morning

— Time to Reflect — 20.12.17

2017 comes to a close
Time to evaluate how I’ve fared in
Relationships Health Passions Growth Contribution

— Existential Tuesday — 19.12.17

Another year is nearly over
Grinding each day but what’s the worth?
I’ve lived half my life

— Just Say No — 18.12.17

Don’t worry about saying no
Worry about saying yes without meaning it
How long before they know?

— Questions Questions Questions — 17.12.17

You go back with questions
That too not for the first time 
Life is about better questions

— Why Fulfilling Work? — 16.12.17

Why fulfilling work you ask
Look no further than the traffic personnel
Who chose indifference over impact

–Go For It — 15.12.17

Keeping your humility in tact
Go all out and express my boy
It is strength not weakness

— Never Say Never — 14.12.17

Been so easy all this
Never did I think would be possible
They say: never say never

–Should I Compromise On My Values?– 13.12.17

Why compromise on my values
When those very fundamentals brought us together
I say nothing else matters

— The Lightness of The Now– 12.12.17

Carrying no baggages with me
Letting go of both past and future
The lightness of the now 

–Keep Grinding– 11.12.17

Grinding each day every day
You get closer to the mountain top
It’s about being not having

— Choices — 10.12.17

Somedays you question your choices
Despondent from the inevitable dualities of life
Grateful she’s by my side

— On No Action — 9.12.17

I chose not to see
Or was it to not be seen?
Politeness over honesty: describes me

–The Silent Self– 8.12.17

No matter where we are
The silence within me tells who I’m
Grateful you choose to understand

–On Anticipating Positive Change– 7.12.17

I exercised my voting right
With the realization that change begins essentially
With alterations within me first

–On The Lack of Immunity– 6.12.17

I’m not immune to indignation
Despite acknowledging I’ve come a long way
Self-improvement is here to stay

–On Feeling Insignificant at Work– 5.12.17

Self-reminder: Try caring not curing
People who may look up to you
Stoics look within, not outside

–On The Value of Colleagues– 4.12.17

Working not just for materialism
Colleagues matter more than you’ll ever know
Before money, status, impact, creativity.

–On Minimalism– 3.12.17

Minimalism does not mean deprivation
It simply means becoming deliberate in life
About what matters, what doesn’t


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